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The Pocket Powered Church:
“Powerful, measurable impact”

What Church leaders are saying

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Here are some comments from church leaders who have experienced the impact of our Pocket Powered Church program, a program to encourage church congregations to actively share their faith. When this many church leaders from different denominations all agree on something, you know it has to be special.

"The Pocket Testament League has been a great partner in challenging our churches to be engaged in personal evangelism and equipping them with FREE resources to fulfill the Great Commission." (Tommy Ferrell, Director of Evangelism and Missions, South Carolina Baptist Convention, SC)

"We literally encouraged thousands of people at Saddleback to use the Gospels from the League to reach people for Jesus. I’m excited that each Gospel comes with a plan of salvation, an offer for a free correspondence course, and a place to go for more free Gospels to share. I’m also thrilled with the League’s ongoing efforts to encourage and equip congregations to read, carry and share the Word of God!" (Rick Warren, Pastor, Saddleback Church, CA)

"I presented the Read, Carry, Share challenge to our congregation. Giving the Gospel of John to people we encounter is a natural fit for us. It is a kind, easy gesture to give the attractive Gospel book to anyone. So far, over 100 adults in our congregation have joined in this simple, yet powerful way of sharing our faith. Several have commented about the success of their encounters. It is exciting to see how receptive people are. Thank you for being so easy to work with." (Greg Davis, Pastor, Christian Chapel, IN)

"In a day and age where it seems as though everyone is always asking for something, you have come to us and asked for nothing but our willingness to listen and receive, and then blessed us with the opportunity to give to others. Your ministry is a shining example of the love of Christ to a lost world, and Calvary Chapel Golden Springs is ever grateful to you for sharing it with us. I would highly recommend this presentation to any church or organization concerned with taking the Gospel message to the world." (Raul Reis, Pastor, Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, CA)

"I want to thank The Pocket Testament League for its many years of faithful service in the Kingdom of God. Because of your training and organization, the people of Northside Baptist have become more effective witnesses for Christ in our central Florida area." (Dr. Dan Yaw, Pastor, Northside Baptist Church, FL)

"Our church membership has embraced The Pocket Testament League's "Read, Carry, Share" program with open arms. Many members who have never shared their faith before are now actively sharing God's Word. How exciting this is for me! As a pastor I have always encouraged God's people to share their faith and now we have a wonderful, God sent, tool for accomplishing this. I would encourage every pastor to challenge their people to get involved in building a Pocket Powered Church. It will change lives!" (Keith Weatherly, Pastor, Feather River Baptist Church, CA)

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